PAXIS Reserva "Bulldog" Lisboa 2020

PAXIS Reserva "Bulldog" Lisboa 2020

PAXIS - the brandname

DFJ VINHOS born in 1998 to export to the UK where two of the DFJ partners (Dino and Fausto) have for more than two decades the most successful company importing Portuguese wines D&F.
Dino Ventura was one the most innovative sales and marketing person the UK wine sector ever saw. He look to all the details of the society to find ideas to apply and develop the Portuguese wine consumption.
One day he found one of its children playing in school a very traditional and physical UK game called Bulldog. During the game he heard children saying PAXIS as a way to express immunity from being caught.
PAXIS was so and in a sense a stage of ideal escape from the stress of the world where we could appreciate a great wine getting all the pleasure to our senses.
Because of that the PAXIS wines are always carefully selected to offer the best ratio price/ quality/ pleasure. Enjoy it!










DFJ VINHOS single estates

Vinification Method

Classic fermentation method with destemming and pre fermentative skin contact followed of the application of dry yeasts. and . Fermentation up to 30º C in the first 2/3, and lowering down to 20º C during the last 1/3. During the whole fermentative process, pumping over 2 times per day, using each time half of the volume contained in the vat. After the alcoholic fermentation, the cap is plunged for 30 days, and during that period, extraction of the gentle tannins is conducted, along with the malolactic fermentation and the natural stabilization of the wine.


Wine is aged in French oak barrels from Seguin Moreau of 225 Lt for 3 months. The wine only goes to consumer after 1 month of ageing in the bottle.

Tasting Notes

Bright, fresh but elegant aroma to red berries and spice notes. Very tasty, smooth, finishes elegant, intense and persistent.

How to Serve

Excellent with food or by itself. Good complement of roasts, barbecue, pastas, vegetarian and cheese dishes. We recommend to serve at the temperature of 16-18ºC.

Gross weight

16,1 kgs ( 12x75cl)

Pallet configuration

70 cases (12x75cl) - 14 cases/level x 5 levels

Euro pallet configuration

50 cases (12x75cl) - 10 cases/level x 5 levels

Case dimensions

H 31.7 W 33.3 L 25.1 (cm)

Bar code

Bottle Barcode (EAN13): 5600312192049 /Case Barcode (ITF14): 25600312192043



ABV at 20ºC%


Volume at 20ºC g/cm3


Total dry matter g/dm3


Volatile acidity (in acetic acid) g/l


Total acidity g/l


Fixed acidity g/l




SO2 (free) & (total) mg/l

39/ 73