Summer Menu

Serves 6-8

For the orange jam
Gelatine leaves 12 g/0.4 oz
Mineral water 250 g/8.8 oz
Orange marmalade 500g/17.6 oz
Yellow lemon pulp-free juice 15 g/0.5 oz

For the yoghurt jam
Gelatine leaves 9 g/0.3 oz
Natural sugarless yoghurt (or Greek yoghurt) 400 g/14.1 oz
Sugar 60 g/2.1 oz
Grated yellow lemon zest 1 g/1/4 tsp
2 teaspoons of white PORTADA Medium Sweet

For the passion fruit jam
Gelatine leaves 9 g/0.3 oz
Passion fruit pulp 220 g/7.7 oz
Mineral water 120 g/4.2 oz
Lemon juice (with pulp) 20 g/0.7 oz
Orange juice (with pulp) 50 g/1.7 oz
Powdered sugar 80 g/2.8 oz

For the orange jam
Soak the gelatine sheets in iced water for 20 m. Then completely dissolve the soaked gelatine in warm water while stirring to the boil. Meanwhile, mix the orange marmalade and lemon juice in a bowl before then adding the still warm gelatine. Blend vigorously with a whisk. Cover the bowl in Clingfilm to prevent other scents from mixing.

For the yoghurt jam
Soak the gelatine leaves in iced water for 20 m. Gently, warm 50 g/1.76 oz of yoghurt and blend with the drained gelatin leaves. Stir vigorously and add the remaining yoghurt, wine, sugar and grated lemon zest. Cover with Clingfilm.

For the passion fruit jam
Soak the gelatine leaves in iced water for 20 m. Halve the passion fruits and scoop out the pulp, squeezing out 220 g/7.7 oz of seedless juice. In a bowl, dissolve gelatine leaves in the warmed mineral water. Add the lemon and orange juices with their pulp and finally, the passion fruit juice and sugar. Cover the bowl in cling film.

To serve
Take an egg box, and place the shot glasses inside. The result should match that displayed in the photo. First, pour in the orange jam and let it set. Then turn over and release the glasses before filling again with the yoghurt jam. Repeat the procedure for the passion fruit jam.

Complemented With Portada Red Medium Sweet