Vega Douro 2013

Vega Douro 2013

Vega (α Lyr, α Lyrae, Alpha Lyrae) is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the third brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Sirius and Arcturus. It is a relatively close star at only 25 light-years from Earth, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun's neighborhood. The word comes from the Arabic "al-wāqi '" "an-nasr al-wāqi', which means' eagle landing." Ancient peoples identified their region of the sky making the figure of a bird, including the eagle. Vega is also known as the Star of the Harp because of Lira, the official name of the constellation in which the star is located. The Lira is usually linked to the Greek legend of Orpheus. Curious to note that in the heady days of the constellation star charts Lira appeared decorated with a bird, a connection of the Greek version with the older forms of the constellation. The famous scientist and writer Carl Sagan, writing one of his greatest literary successes, Contact – then a box office success film of the same name, puts Vega as a meeting point of a civilization infinitely more advanced than ours.

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Douro DOC

Vinification Method

Classic fermentation method, involving selective extractive enzymes, which are compatible with the active dry yeasts. Fermentation up to 30º C in the first 2/3, and lowering down to 20º C during the last 1/3. During the whole fermentative process, pumping over 2 times per day, using each time half of the volume contained in the vat. After the alcoholic fermentation, the cap is plunged for 30 days, and during that period, extraction of the gentle tannins is conducted, along with the malolactic fermentation and the natural stabilization of the wine.


Wine is aged in new French of Allier oak barrels of 225 Lt, for 3 months. Ageing in bottle a minimum 3 months after bottling.

Tasting Notes

Rich and full bodied but very smooth. Delicious intense fruit with a complex and elegant finish. João Paulo Martins; Vinhos de Portugal 2016; "Tasted in 2015. Well in color, ripe fruit aroma and a whole shows very well. Good floral presence, dry vegetable, ripe fruit, all nicely arranged. Soft and light sweetness in the mouth, is accessible red that needs to be drunk cooler."

How to Serve

Superb on its own, it is also an excellent to any meat dishes, oily fish, spicy food, Mediterranean cuisine and cheese. We recommend to serve at the temperature of 16-18ºC.

Gross weight

8,3 kgs (6x75cl) or 16,4 kgs (12x75cl)

Pallet configuration

135 cases (6x75cl) or 68 cases (12x75cl) - 15 cases/level x 9 levels or 17 cases/level x 4 levels

Euro pallet configuration

96 cases (6x75cl) or 48 cases (12x75cl) - 12 cases/level x 8 levels or 12 cases/level x 4 levels

Case dimensions

330x255x155 or 310x235x340

Bar code

Bottle (EAN13) = 560 031219 085 4 // Case (ITF14) 6x75cl = 1 560 031219 085 1 // Case (ITF14) 12x75cl = 2 560 031219 085 8



ABV at 20ºC%


Volume at 20ºC g/cm3


Total dry matter g/dm3


Volatile acidity (in acetic acid) g/l


Total acidity g/l


Fixed acidity g/l




SO2 (free) & (total) mg/l

39 / 131

15 BEST BUYS in the REVISTA DE VINHOS wine magazine in 2013

Great recognition of our work in the most important Portuguese wine magazine.

2 Cellar Selection and 23 Best Buys in Wine Enthusiast 2013

DFJ received 26 excellent ratings, 23 Best Buys and 2 Cellar Selection in Wine Enthusiast 2013. Also relevant DFJ get two wines with the rating of 92, two with 91 and four with 90.


The wine VEGA Douro red wine 2009 from DFJ VINHOS won in the Wine Enthusiast magazine the award of the best BEST BUY WINE OF THE YEAR 2012.

DFJ won Silver and Bronze in the International Wine Challenge 2009

DFJ won one Silver medal, 3 Bronze medals and 7 Commended inthe International Wine Challenge 2009 wine contest. The PATAMAR Reserva red 2007 won Silver Medal.

DFJ won 11 medals in Slovakia

DFJ won 11 medals at the BOJNICE WINE COMPETITION 2012 in Sloakia.

DFJ won 27 awards at the AWC 2009 wine contest in Viena.

DFJ won 1 gold medal, 21 silver medals and 5 Seal of Approval.


DFJ Vinhos received two Gold Medals and 10 Silver Medals in the Councours Mondial De Bruxelles 2011.


DFJ Vinhos was awarded with 8 Bronze Medals and 12 Commendeds in the International Wine Challenge 2011.

Decanter Wine Awards in 2011.

DFJ Vinhos was awarded with one silver medal, seven Bronze medals and 10 Commended on Decanter Wine Awards in 2011.

2011 an year of great recognition of the DFJ work at the Wine Enthusiast

2011 was outstanding for DFJ wines at Wine Enthusiast.

AWC Vienna 2011

D.F.J. Vinhos has been distinguished with 17 Silver medals and 7 Seals of Approval in AWC 2011.

Excellent ratings and awards at the Wine Enthusiast November 2008

VEGA Douro 2005 awarded the 75th Best Buy of the year 2008 and the ESCADA Douro 2005 won Cellar Selection and a rating of 92.

Bronze Medal IWC 2008

DFJ won one Bronze medal and 11 Commended in the International Wine Challenge 2008 wine contest. The GRAND'ARTE ALVARINHO white 2007 won BRONZE MEDAL.

Paxis Douro red 2005 won gold medal in Áustria

The Paxis Douro red 2005 won gold medal in the AWC 2008.