BRC Certification of the Quality 2021 - grade AA



After the audit made out during June, DFJ Vinhos maintained its BRC Certification of the Quality - grade AA

The BRC certification of the Quality it was issued to DFJ Vinhos on July 14th 2021 with the grade AA - audits the quality, hygiene and the safety of our wines in great detail. It's valid until the 16th July 2022.

In general, wineries are units which work with products, wines, aimed at human consumption. Of even greater importance is the fact that each bottle of wine contains a dream waiting to come true. Thus it is essential that we should be able to guarantee to our clients, and our clients' clients, that the products developed in this winery are worthy of their trust.

This is why a growing number of wineries seek, prepare for and attain certification. This certificate testifies to the quality of the work carried out by all those involved in the day-to-day of the winery.

The BRC certification is, nowadays, one of the best and most widely accepted references and offers greater confidence to commercial clients. It guarantees absolute trust in the safety, quality and legality of the products they are acquiring. To obtain it firms have to demonstrate the reliability of their HACCP plan, as well as that of their control systems; environmental protection; organisational methods and human resources management. Above all they have to prove the commitment and dedication of top management to the maintenance and improvement of their System of Food Safety and Quality.

Our aim is to do better each time! 

BRCGS0077UT_20210714_Certificado BRCGS_KS-001-001_300