PT2020 - Project DFJ Vinhos

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Project Designation | Increase and Reinforcement of the Internationalization Capacity of DFJ Vinhos

Project code | ALT20-01-0752-FEDER-021610

Main objective | To enhance the competitiveness of Small and medium-sized Enterprises

Area of Intervention | Alentejo

Name of the Beneficiary | DFJ Vinhos, S.A.

Date of approval | 2016-09-07

Beginning date | 2016-07-01

Conclusion date | 2019-06-30

Total Eligible Cost | 607.362,50€

Financing of European Union | 273.313,13FEDER

National/Regional Public Financing | 0,00

Objectives, Activities and expected results:
Within the Project of Investment PT2020 and under the Incentive System for the Qualification and Internationalisation of SMEs (Internationalisation SMEs), DFJ Vinhos intends, within the next two years, to enhance and consolidate its presence in foreign markets, where it already operates through the engagement of new clients and by entering into new markets.

Direct Wines tasting November 2016
2016 Brussels Megavino 3
2016 Stockolm Mitt Kok fair 1