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Project nº 21610 Support under the incentive system Internationalization PME - Individual Projects Internationalization Project D.F.J. Vinhos, S.A.

Project Overview:

Under the PT2020 Investment Project, and under the Incentive System for the Qualification and Internationalization of PME (Internationalization PME), DFJ Vinhos intends to strengthen its presence in foreign markets, consolidating its presence in foreign markets where it already works for the conquest of new clients and penetrating new foreign markets.

The internationalization plan contemplates different actions in the target markets of the project:
- Prospecting trips to markets;
- Send samples to potential external customers;
- Visits and participation in international fairs;
- Participation in several international competitions;
- Wine tasting in various international markets;
- Registration of international brands;
- Market studies;
- Design of promotional material.

Direct Wines tasting November 2016
2016 Brussels Megavino 3
2016 Stockolm Mitt Kok fair 1