EXCELLENT BUY 2009 - in Revista de Vinhos 2009

April 16, 2012

Important award of the Revista de Vinhos 2009

In the edition of August 2009 the Revista de Vinhos included the Wine Guide of the Best Buy 2009/10 (Guia de Vinhos) .

DFJ Vinhos won one award GRANDE COMPRA (EXCELENT BUY) and more six awards BOA COMPRA (BEST BUY).

Presenting DFJ VINHOS, the editors of the Revista de Vinhos write:

"If there is a company that knows how to produce with quality and good price, it is the DFJ. Founded fundamentally to satisfy the demanding and super competitive British market, the company led by José Neiva Correia has been managing to develop the magic formula of to do wines that satisfy people and with a good price. DFJ bet nowadays more in the Portuguese market, it is time to the Portuguese consumers to discover those wines."

Here’s the appreciation of the GRAND'ARTE ARINTO white 2008 who won BEST BUY (BOA COMPRA):

The first touch of the aroma was discreet, with the first citric notes almost hidden, but after that first impression the wine show an elegant and classy profile very attractive. Good balance in the tasting, with a well integrated acidity, and a very accessible style able to enrich any table of delicate fish. € 5,95; 16,5 / 20.