Lisbon Wine of the Year Trophy, 2 Double Gold, 6 Gold and 2 Silver Medals in CWSA China Wine and Spi

CWSA_Best Value 2014_Double Gold_logo

CWSA_Best Value 2014_Double Gold_logo

DFJ VINHOS wins at the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China!

Super news for DFJ VINHOS, who has just been awarded with two of the prestigious Double Gold CWSA medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2013 and the LISBON WINE OF THE YEAR.

In this edition of the CWSA; DFJ VINHOS wins more 6 gold and 2 silver medals.

‘We are very happy that DFJ VINHOS has reached the biggest honor in the Hong Kong and China wine and spirits market at the CWSA, which is the Oscar’s of the wine world in the fastest growing beverage market in the world’, revealed Mr. JOSÉ NEIVA CORREIA chief winemaker and owner of the company. Mr. JOSÉ NEIVA CORREIA says also ‘that awards are one more great recognition of our work, and after we won two times the RED WINE OF THE YEAR at the IWC – London and the #1st BEST BUY OF THE YEAR 2012 at WINE ENTHUSIAST, we are certain we go in the right way to support our clients demands of price/ quality around the world and particularly in Hong Kong and China’.

The CWSA results are long established as the annual gateway to China for already established internationally famous wine and spirits brands and also for niche producers. The CWSA results are referred to as the benchmark of buying decisions throughout the year.
5,375 wine and spirits from 35 countries were blind tasted during the CWSA Tasting Week by 100 Judges, all selected as the most important Importers, Distributors and Retailers based in Hong Kong and China. American born and China based CWSA Judge Richard Howe says: ‘I think it’s critical to have buyers as CWSA Judges. We are the buyers in China and we know the taste of the people and what works here. When I see wines with the CWSA medal stickers, I immediately know they are the ones to watch and have been recommended by my Hong Kong and China based peers.’
The winning wines, including DFJ VINHOS, are promoting their success with CWSA medal stickers showcasing their CWSA 2013 status to consumers with the CWSA stamp of recommendation.

‘The CWSA continues to be the ultimate authority for wines and spirits here in Hong Kong and China and we wish 2013 winners well deserved congratulations for being selected by the CWSA Judges for this honor’ says Kelly England, President of the China Wine and Spirits Awards organisation.
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Here's the full list of awards:

Trophy - Lisbon Wine of the Year - Portada Winemakers Selection 2011 - V.R. Lisboa

Double Gold medals:
- Portada Winemakers Selection 2011 - V.R. Lisboa
- Bigode tinto 2011 - V.R. Lisboa

Gold Medals:
- Coreto Joker red 2012 - V.R. Lisboa
- Portada Medium Sweet tinto 2011 - V.R. Lisboa
- Paxis Lisboa 2011 - V.R. Lisboa
- Pedras do Monte Lisboa 2011 - V.R. Lisboa
- Grand'Arte Shiraz 2011 - V.R. Lisboa
- Paxis DOC Douro 2011 - DOC Douro

Silver Medals:
- Portada Medium Sweet white 2012 - V.R. Lisboa
- Casa do Lago tinto 2011 - V.R. Lisboa


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DFJ VINHOS won 226 awards in 2013

2012 List of ratings in the Wine Enthusiast

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