TWO RAVENS red 2013

TWO RAVENS red 2013

The ship with the two ravens.

When visiting Lisbon, you will see the image of a ship with two ravens everywhere. They are drawn in black and white mosaic on the pavements in Rossio Square, on the city's lamp posts, taxis and police officers’ badges. This is the symbol of the city, and refers to Saint Vincent of Saragossa, who is the patron saint of Lisbon. Saint Vincent was born at Huesca and martyred under the Emperor Diocletian around the year 304.

According to legend, after his death ravens protected St. Vincent's body from being devoured by wild animals, until his followers could recover the body. His body was then taken to what is now known as Cape St. Vincent, in the Algarve (south of Portugal), where a shrine was erected over his grave, which continued to be guarded by ravens. In 1173, Portugal's first king, King Afonso Henriques, had the body of the saint exhumed and brought by ship to the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon. The king made him the city's patron saint. Two of the ravens that guarded the saint's grave are said to have made the trip all the way to Lisbon, still protecting the saint's remains.

This is why the symbol of the city is a ship with two ravens. Saint Vincent’s day is celebrated on January 22.”










Quinta de Porto Franco

Vinification Method

Classic fermentation method with destemming and pre fermentative skin contact followed of the application of dry yeasts. and . Fermentation up to 30º C in the first 2/3, and lowering down to 20º C during the last 1/3. During the whole fermentative process, pumping over 2 times per day, using each time half of the volume contained in the vat. After the alcoholic fermentation, the cap is plunged for 30 days, and during that period, extraction of the gentle tannins is conducted, along with the malolactic fermentation and the natural stabilization of the wine.


After bottling ages one month in bottle.

Tasting Notes

This wine has a delicious full flavour of soft fruits such as raspberries and redcurrants. The wine is made from selected grapes and this is evident from the superb balance between is qualities of smoothness, ripe fruit and youthful freshness.

How to Serve

Excellent with food or by itself it’s the perfect day by day wine. Will accompany, for example, roasts, barbecue, pasta, vegetarian and cheese dishes. We recommend to serve at the temperature of 16-18ºC.

Gross weight

7.5 kg (6x75cl)

Pallet configuration

75 cases - 15 cases/level x 5 levels

Euro pallet configuration

125 cases (6x75cl) - 25 cases/level x 5 levels

Case dimensions

240 x 160 x 310 ou ou 320x245x310

Bar code

bottle: 560 031219 1677 / case: (ITF14) (6 x 75cl) : 15600312191674



ABV at 20ºC%


Volume at 20ºC g/cm3


Total dry matter g/dm3


Volatile acidity (in acetic acid) g/l


Total acidity g/l


Fixed acidity g/l




SO2 (free) & (total) mg/l