SUSTAINABILTITY | In harmony with Nature / Carbon Neutral

DFJ 14 Maio 2019 Drone (47) single estate Casal da Madeira

DFJ 14 Maio 2019 Drone (47) single estate Casal da Madeira



Mr. José Neiva Correia born and raised in the family home, among the vineyards of the single estate Quinta de Porto Franco and soon realized that the greatest and best goal is to be in harmony with nature to help the vines create the best grapes.

There’s no place for chemical products in the soils. We use organic matter only, selected according to the soil, residual water characteristics, climate, grape varieties and the wine that is intended to be produced.

All organic matter is pre-analyzed to verify that it is suitable and also to avoid heavy metals and other pollutants negative for the plants and for the environment.

The nutrition of the vines is monitored closely, without excesses or shortages being the nutrient needs of the various vines carefully measured.

We don't irrigate our 200ha of vineyards in Lisboa or Tejo wine regions.

We use mechanical processes to control weeds.

We work hard in sustainability and in result since 2018 we achieved the certification of INTEGRATED CROP MANAGEMENT - GRAPES (see certificate below)

The end result is high quality produce and high productivity levels respecting the environment.


Quinta da Fonte Bela and Quinta de Porto Franco single estates have water treatment centres.

We use the lightest bottles and more than 90% are recycled and 100% recyclable.

Program of waste-zero. Materials such as broken glass, cartons, labels, corks, screws caps, etc. sent to certified recycling companies

Program of zero biological waste, during the harvest and other activities, sent to certified recycling companies.

We use recycled and recyclable carton.

We use almost zero plastics all recyclable.

Solar plant at Quinta da Fonte Bela to generate energy.

We adhere to UE wine sector regulations.

We follow Portuguese labor policies, without any discrimination.

We work to be Carbon Neutral by 2025.

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DFJ 14 Maio 2019 Drone (47) single estate Casal da Madeira
DFJ 14 Maio 2019 (253)
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