Dfj single estate Portela & Romao recort

Dfj single estate Portela & Romao recort


In the Lisboa wine region where José Neiva Correia was born, lives and works, the climate is temperate; mild, with rain and humidity in the right seasons. However, there are many valleys and hills that give rise to the most diverse microclimates. Furthermore, the quality and characteristics of the soil also vary, giving rise to different terroirs. Finally, the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean helps climate moderation, preventing major fluctuations in temperature. Mild winters and summers, and night time dews facilitate an even ripening of the grapes.

The 200ha of DFJ VINHOS vineyards in the Lisbon region are always prepared for mechanical harvesting (12 to 15 ha/day) in advance of the equinox (September 21st), when, according to the historical climatic series, there is a 90% likelihood of rain.

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