Alfrocheiro it's one of the José Neiva Correia loved grapes.

It is in the Dão region that this grape variety has greater expression, being used in many of the region"s wines and considered by several oenologists a high quality grape variety.

Cultivation of this grape variety, also known in the area of Douro as Alfrocheiro Preto, has successfully spread to the Alentejo and Ribatejos regions, as well as to the area of Palmela.
As Alfrocheiro is very fertile, it is necessary to control its production, in order for the berries not to loose qualities such as colour. It is also important to control this grape variety"s harvest, since it is an early ripener and very susceptible to diseases, namely to rottenness.
Alfrocheiro produces deeply coloured wines, with aromas resembling wild fruit, ripened blackberries and spices.