2011 an year of great recognition of the DFJ work at the Wine Enthusiast

The Enthusiast 100 2011 logo

The Enthusiast 100 2011 logo

April 16, 2012

2011 was outstanding for DFJ wines at Wine Enthusiast.

DFJ won the "29th Enthusiast of the year" with the:

ESCADA red 2007 – D.O.C. Douro – 92 pt

DFJ won the "9th Best Buy of the year" with:

GRAND'ARTE Alvarinho white 2010 – V.R. Lisboa – 91 pt

DFJ won 16 Best Buys and 2 other wines get 90 pt of rating.

The 16 wines who won Best Buy are:

VEGA RESERVA red 2007 – Douro DOC – 90 pt

Black colored wine, showing the rich minerality of the Douro and its impressively structured fruit. Cramberry acidity mixes with black berry and a firm tannic core. Age for 2-3 years or more.

CONSENSUS white 2009 – V.R. Lisboa – 89 pt

“An equal blend of wine fermented in stainless steel and fermented in wood (hence consensus), this is finely balanced. Its apple and apricot fruits have great acidity, while also rich, fruity and structured. The finish is lingering, fresh.”

GRAND'ARTE Shiraz red 2009 - V.R. Lisboa - 89 pt

“Spicy wine, layering wood and rich black fruits, this is densely structured while still fruity. It is finely balanced, the acidity keeping a refreshing character. Although the wine is called Shiraz, as in Australia, in fact it has more to do with a Rhône Syrah.”

GRAND'ARTE Arinto white 2010 - V.R. Lisboa - 88 pt

“Arinto, sometimes used in sparkling wine, creates a bright, crisp, lime-flavored wine. It is powered by its acidity and the apple skin texture, all the fruit coming right to the front.”

ALTA CORTE Caladoc & Tinta Roriz red 2008 - V.R. Lisboa – 87 pt

“Made from Caladoc and Tinta Roriz, this is a polished, while still fresh, wine. Its acidity points up the juicy berry fruits, the tannins almost afterthought in this balanced, structured wine.”

CASA DO LAGO Grande Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon red 2008 - V.R. Lisboa – 87 pt

“A wine that emphasizes the black currant acidity and firm tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon. The fruit layers acidity, wood and some herbs. Age for another year.”

POINT WEST Touriga Nacional red 2008 – V. R. Lisboa – 86 pt

“Soft, rich wine, with flavors of ripe plums, a touch of bell pepper, spice and tense acidity. Great drink-me-now wine.”

SEGADA red 2008 – V.R. Lisboa – 86 pt

“Ripe, soft tannins layer with juicy, forward berry fruits and acidity. Here is a wine that is attractive, deliciously fruity, its flavors just ready to cut through a steak”

CASA DO LAGO white 2010 - V.R. Lisboa - 86 pt

“Full-bodied, spicy wine. It has a ripe, toast and apple flavor and a smooth texture, with light acidity. The wine is dry while also soft.”

FONTE DO BECO Castelão red 2008 – V. R. Peninsula de Setúbal – 85 pt

“Soft, ripe, juicy wine, full of bright red berry fruits, soft tannins and a light structure. The wine is ready to drink, the final flavor lifted by acidity.”

MONTE ALENTEJANO white 2010 - V.R. Alentejano – 85 pt

“Crisp and lively wine, with delicate lemon and more forward melon and apricot flavors. Ready for an aperitif this summer.”

CASA DO LAGO red 2008 Touriga Nacional & Alfrocheiro & Merlot - V. R. Lisboa - 85 pt

Bright red-fruited wine, its acidity well blended into the soft, full fruit. The wine has spice, toast, wild herbs.”

POINT WEST Alvarinho & Chardonnay white 2010 - V. R. LISBOA - 85 pt
“Full honey- and melon-flavored wine, with a soft-textured character. It is full of ripe red apples, well made, if internationally anonymous.”

CORETO white 2010 - V. R. LISBOA - 85 pt
“Rounded, soft creamy wine, attractively fruity with yellow fruits and bright acidity. It’s easy, the freshness naturally integrated with the soft fruit. Screwcap.”

CORETO red 2008 - V.R. Lisboa – 84 pt

“An attractively light wine, showing its cool climate origin, with red currant fruit and juicy acidity. It’s a great summer red, maybe even slightly chilled.”

CORETO rose 2010 - V. R. LISBOA - 83 pt
“Soft, sweet raspberry fruit-flavored wine. It has a line of acidity while its main character is the light, sweet aftertaste. Screwcap.”

The 2 wines who won rating of 90 pt are:

QUINTA DO ROCIO red 2007 - V.R. Lisboa – 90 pt

“A new brand from an old estate for DFJ VINHOS, Rocio is powerfully dark colored, complex and concentrated. Tannins are contained within a structure that is initially severe and then round out into juicy black currant flavors, always tempered with firm tannins.”

DFJ Alvarinho & Chardonnay 2010 - V.R. Lisboa – 90 pt

“Alvarinho away from the north of Portugal gives a much creamier style of wine and makes a fine partner with Chardonnay. So this is ripe, full-bodied, with tropical fruit flavors as well as kiwi. It has just the right acidity, well-balanced, worth aging another year.”