Alicante Bouschet

One of the most loved grape varieties by José Neiva Correia which knowledge and innovation create wines of excellence.

One of the most loved grape varieties by José Neiva Correia and where his experience and innovative capacity result in excellent wines such as GRAND’ARTE Alicante Bouschet (the first wine in Portugal with this variety on the label).
This variety is the result of crossing Grenache and Petit Bouschet, of French origin (Languedoc), created by Henry Bouschet, between 1865 and 1885.
Widely used in assemblage processes to improve the intensity of color in red wines, as it is one of the few grapes that are also red in the interior.
At DFJ VINHOS we make great varietal wines or in batches with other varieties.


Alicante Bouschet is a wine grape variety that has been widely cultivated since 1866. It is a cross of Grenache with Petit Bouschet (itself a cross of the very old variety Teinturier du Cher and Aramon). Alicante is a teinturier, a grape with red flesh. It is the only teinturier grape that belongs to the Vitis vinifera family. Its deep color makes it useful for blending with light red wine. It was planted heavily during Prohibition in California for export to the East Coast. Its thick skin made it resistant to rot during the transportation process. The intense red color was also helpful for stretching the wine during prohibition, as it could be diluted without detracting from the appearance. At the turn of the 21st century, Alicante Bouschet was the 12th most planted red wine grape in France with sizable plantings in the Languedoc, Provence and Cognac regions.