Pink Elephant 2009

Pink Elephant 2009










Quinta de Porto Franco Single Estate

Vinification Method

Destemming, pelicular maceration and pressing. Cooled to 15ºC, the must passes by a vacuum filter with perlites. The fermentation is achieved through active dry yeasts, the temperature being controlled between 16ºC and 18ºC.


The wine is aged in bottle a minimum a month after bottling.

Tasting Notes

Intense fruity aromas, mouth watering juiciness, crisp, fresh flavours with hints of strawberries and raspberries.

How to Serve

Created to be the definitive wine match for spicy food.

Gross weight

7,5 kgs (6x75cl) or 15 kgs (12x75cl)

Pallet configuration

1150 Cases (6x75cl) - 30 Cases/level x 5 levels or 68 cases (12 x75cl) - 17 caises/level x 4 levels or 75 cases (12 x75cl) – 15 cases/level x 5 levels

Euro pallet configuration

125 cases (6x75cl) - 25 cases/level x 5 levels or 48 cases (12x75cl) - 12 cases / level x 4 levels

Case dimensions

240x160x310 or 320x245x310

Bar code

Bottle (EAN13) = 506 013751 001 3 // Carton (ITF14) 6x75cl = 0 506 013751 007 5 // Carton (ITF14) 12x75cl = 0 506 0137 51012 9



Five Bronze medals and 7 Commended in the IWC 2010

12 awards won DFJ in the International Wine Challenge 2010 in London

One Silver and Five Bronze medals in the IWSC 2010

6 awards won DFJ in the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2010 in London

Pink Elephant bronze in Ireland

We are proud to share with you that our PINK ELEPHANT was awarded a bronze in the Star Awards 2010/11 in the NOffLA annual awards.


DFJ Vinhos received two Gold Medals and 10 Silver Medals in the Councours Mondial De Bruxelles 2011.


DFJ Vinhos was awarded with 8 Bronze Medals and 12 Commendeds in the International Wine Challenge 2011.

International Wine & Spirit Competition 2011.

DFJ Vinhos was awarded with a Silver Medal and 10 Bronze Medals at International Wine & Spirit Competition 2011.

AWC Vienna 2011

D.F.J. Vinhos has been distinguished with 17 Silver medals and 7 Seals of Approval in AWC 2011.

Bronze in the Decanter Wine Awards

In London at the Decanter Wine Awards 2009, DFJ won 4 bronze medals and 10 Commended. The CASA DO LAGO white 2008 won BRONZE MEDAL.

DFJ won Silver and Bronze in the International Wine Challenge 2009

DFJ won one Silver medal, 3 Bronze medals and 7 Commended inthe International Wine Challenge 2009 wine contest. The PATAMAR Reserva red 2007 won Silver Medal.

PInk Elephant won bronze medal in IWS Design awards

The innovating design of Pink Elephant recognized.

Bronze in IWSC 2009

Pink Elephant rose 2008 awarded with bronze medal at International Wine & Spirits competition.

DFJ won 27 awards at the AWC 2009 wine contest in Viena.

DFJ won 1 gold medal, 21 silver medals and 5 Seal of Approval.